Indialantic Town Council Seat 3

Residents Believe in
Doug Wright

Meet Doug Wright

Doug’s unique combination of private sector success and proven government leadership sets him apart from all others in the race for Indialantic town council. 17 years living in Indialantic. 16 years on the town’s Board of Adjustment. 7th year as chair of the board. Doug has the proven experience to serve Indialantic residents.

Show Your Support

Join your neighbors and proudly display an “Elect Doug” sign in our yard. Contact us and we’ll place a sign in your yard. If you are on a corner, request two signs for double the fun!

Town Leaders Endorse Doug Wright

Current Council Member Dick Dunn

“Doug has my full support. I’ve known him for 16 years, and I can say without question that Doug will serve the best interests of Indialantic residents.”

Past Deputy Mayor Loren Goldfarb

“As a former Indialantic councilman who’s known Doug for 15 years, I fully support his candidacy.”

Current Indialantic Mayor Dave Berkman

“It is rare to have someone run for council with any town board experience. It’s extremely rare for someone with a 15+ year board history that Doug has.”

“I watched your decisions on the Board of Adjustment over the years. You’ve done an impeccable job. As chairman of the BOA you clearly know what it takes to be a council member and most importantly can contribute on day one.”

“I served on the Board of Adjustment prior to running for my council seat. That experience was a huge help to prepare me to serve effectively. Based on Doug’s history and decisions rendered on the BOA, it is very clear to me that Doug is the best candidate for this council seat.”

Doug’s Priorities

  • Preserving our small town character while prudently managing growth
  • Ensuring wise and responsible use of our tax dollars
  • Protecting and preserving the natural beauty of our community
  • Improving the town’s communication with residents

Doug will Champion

  • Managing land use, town growth, resiliency and updating the town code with 5 years/ 10 year /20 year horizons
  • Maintaining safety and fast response times from emergency providers
  • Enhancing emergency preparedness
  • Supporting local businesses and improvements to Fifth Avenue
  • Increasing crime prevention and community awareness
  • Promoting activities that help the community grow and bond together

Spread the Word About Doug

Telling the story of Doug’s experience, knowledge and timeliness of electing a proven leader to the council is very important. Do your neighbors a service by encouraging them to learn more about the candidates. This helps everyone make a well-informed decision.

Here’s the top ways you can spread the word today and every day about Doug:

  • Have us place an “Elect Doug Wright” sign in your yard
  • Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed
  • Engage in personal conversations with friends and encourage them to learn more about Doug. Remember, Doug is happy to chat directly with people who are interested.

If you use Facebook,

If you use NextDoor,

If you have questions about how to spread the word, please contact us.

Get Involved

There are several ways to support Doug. If you have questions or want to join a team in your neighborhood, contact us. We provide support and training for each activity.

  • Volunteer to go door-to-door in your neighborhood.
  • Write a letter supporting Doug and email to your friends
  • Create a short video supporting Doug and post on social media
  • Hold signs up around town
  • Hold a “Meet Doug” event with your friends